After much "working from home" the past couple of years, I am beginning to get back into my routine. This week, February 24-27, the Des Moines Home + Garden Show took place at Iowa Events Center and I was there.  I do not do much work around our home anymore and I will not be planting a garden--but it was still a good outing. So if you didn't get to go, just grab your hammer and your hoe ("ho-ho") and tag along with me.

For the earth brings forth its sprouts and as a garden causes what is sown to sprout up, so the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to sprout up before all nations. (ESV) (Isaiah 61: 11)                           


Left: This putting green was a popular exhibit at the Home + Garden Show-2022. But over-all, I didn't think the event was "up to par" this year. Yet, in the game of life, I've still had a "good score" this month. On March 02, I attended the Iowa Ag Show with farmer friends--then today, I mingled with city folks and enjoyed the home-garden exhibits. After being cooped up at home for many months, it was good to be hanging out with people I love. Now back to my sports analogy! I don 't even play golf so why keep score--I'm already the big winner!