June 20--Juneteenth is now a federal holiday in the United States, commemorating the end of slavery in the our country. (right)

June 20: Celebrating National Refugee Day at  4301 College Ave. Refugees from various parts of the world gave thanks to our community as they shared food, music and art. Oh, yes-they came here legally and have made important contributions to the Greater Des Moines area.





This was a long cold Iowa winter. You know the old saying, "If you don't like the weather in Iowa, wait 5 minutes and it will change." Something must have gone haywire this year as the same old cold-windy days kept coming at us through May .Then suddenly things changed! This year, I think of June 1st as the first day of summer. That is when I headed outdoors and my life has been full of fun and adventure these PAST 30 DAYS .

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. (ESV) (Lamentations 3: 22,23)                           


June 01-05-2022: The  Principal Charity Classic (benefiting Iowa children's charities) was my first fun filled adventure this past month. Once again, it was hosted by the Wakonda Country Club--just a stones throw from beautiful downtown Des Moines. I go to this special event one day each year. I am glad to know these PGA Champions Tour players (older guys) still have game. Not so much for me! It was a long day and a lot of walking. I hitched a ride on the courtesy cart back to the entrance where I caught the bus home.

June 08: This beautiful dinosaur came up missing from the front lawn of a Beaverdale home. There must be some mistake! Well, there was! A television alert was sent out and the case was soon solved. A passerby thought this big Triceratops was put on the curb for trash pickup. When she saw the tv news report, she promptly returned him to his rightful owner. Here he is--once again keeping watch over the neighborhood--so this story has a happy ending. After all--this is Iowa--we don't steal other people's dinosaurs!

June 10: The all new 66-acre Triumph Park located at 700 NW Douglas in Waukee, opened today. This place is special! It features a 15,000 square-foot all-inclusive playground. There are 12 ball fields, including the Greater Iowa Credit Union Miracle Field (middle left and right.) Yes--bring your fishing pole as that pond is stocked (lower right.) I think Triumph Park  is a must see for every adult and a must play for every young person of every ability level.

June 14: Today is National Flag Day in America. I enjoyed my usual morning walk to 70th and Douglas. I took my break on the corner bench and thought about my freedom and responsibility to be a good citizen and moral and ethical example for others. I guess every day should be Flag Day!                                  

June 15: The long anticipated Fairway Meat Market at 2715 Beaverdale Ave. opened for business today. A good Iowa based company!

June 24-26: The Des Moines Arts Festival comes to Des Moines every year and I am always there. For me, this was "bonus year." I like to cover special events, but I also do milestones. This year (2022) marked the 25th anniversary of this premier art show. What's more--it seems to keep getting bigger and better. This year's event occupied 6 blocks on Grand and Locust in Des Moines Downtown Gateway surrounding the Papajohn Sculpture Garden. How good is that? (Photos with permission of the artists.)

June 27-30: Now you see it--soon you won't! The Iowa business landscape changed the last week of June. It seems like fireworks sales tents have popped up everywhere. So, if you are a fireworks person you can "shop local." People used to feel guilty buying these noise makers on the black market. Now you can shop guilt free! Fireworks are now legal in Iowa on specific dates. This was my last event for the month, so it's time to move on. Thanks for allowing me to share with you my PAST 30 DAYS in Iowa.


ADDENDUM: Breaking News!  I like to bring you fun stories of new things going on around Central Iowa. But, in this case it is "here today--gone tomorrow." Read on--this story has a happy ending. I heard on the morning news (June 30) the Hall of Pride at the Iowa Events Center was closing its doors today. This interactive museum, sponsored by the Iowa High School Athletic Association, has honored special achieving Iowa students for the past 17 years. I like to be on the cutting edge, to be the first through the door to show you new things around Iowa. Today was a little more somber as I was one of the last to go out the door before this good place closed for keeps. Wait, there is more! Plans are underway to transition this nice museum to an online website called "Achieve." We can still have access to sports, music, academic and other achievements of our high school youth from our digital devices. Didn't I tell you? This story would have a happy ending!!!