Then Peter began to speak; "I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism but accepts people from every nation who fear him and do what is right. This is the message God sent to Israel, telling the good news of peace through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all. --------------------- All the prophets testify about him that everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins through his name." (NIV) (Acts 10: 34-43)




Mr. Tom (left-green shirt) was our work supervisor. He has everything set up and ready to go.


The finished product! Left: Cabinet for hospital ICU. Middle and right: Shelves and wardrobes for doctor's dorm.


Our Creekside Church Haiti Mission Team traveled to Pignon, Haiti, September 26th to October 05, 2018. Once again it was a great and marvelous week. This year's Promise for Haiti work project was building cabinets and shelves for the hospital and doctor's dorm. As usual, we had bible classes for three days and we spent a lot of time just loving the people of Haiti and renewing old friendships. Above: This is the cement factory right across the street from our dorm.



My View for the Month: Each time I go to Haiti, I say, "This was the best trip ever." Each time I mean that! What a great trip with great people to a great country that has great people--it just doesn't get any better than that. This year there was one exception. I was very sad when I said goodby to so many friends before I boarded the DC3 on the grass runway at the Pignon Airport. My age doesn't allow me to "keep up with the crew" and I wasn't sure I would be back. I had a lot of time to think about that on the ride home and I decided that was not my decision to make. I will keep going to Haiti as long as God sends me. That might be next year or it might be never and I'm ok with that. I am no longer sad and once again I say, "This was the best trip ever!"


We have a home building project in Haiti unofficially called Homes for Haiti Hallelujah (HHH). We only build homes for the very needy who are living in deplorable conditions. This project is supervised by MH4H. Left: We call this the Creekside home. We used the money left from our Creekside Church Mission Team-2017 to help fund this project. Right: This beautiful home is on the main road to the MH4H Sylvain Campus. It was sponsored by Tom and Connie Keller in memory of Connie's parents. Below: This is the newest home--all done by Haitian labor. You can understand why this mother of 10 children (just 3 pictured here) has such a huge smile. They no longer have to sleep in the mud and they have doors and window shutters to keep the insects and varmints out. If you or your group would like to build a home in Haiti, please let me know. The cost is about $4000 and it may be the best investment you ever make.

Tom designed the cabinets and is demonstrating how this plan is going to be carried out.

Matt was the saw master.

Rod was the go-to guy.

Shopping at the local lumber yard.

Girl power!  Left to right: Emma, Alicia, Ann, and Colette. Haitian tasks are often labor intensive. Not many power tools available so sanding all had to be done by hand.

We like to use Haitian labor. it gives them a job and teaches them work skills. Left: Blue Bob with Peter and Francin. Right: Fransly is taking a short break to get his shoes shined.


This was Ryan's first trip to Haiti, but you can tell he knows the tricks of the trade. He came prepared with many visual aides, animation and enthusiasm to keep the children's attention. Right: classroom full of good listeners.

Left: Bible lesson is over for the day--now art and craft time.

Right: Norb is doing a lesson on his phone. They are not like American kids in this way. These kids wonder what that phone thing is all about!

Left: A nutritious meal is being served in the "dining area."  Look at those smiles. This may be the only food some of these kids will have today.

Right: The last day and the lessons are concluded. Some of these precious children are praying to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We always remind them to ask Mama and Daddy to take them to church so they can learn more about the bible. Now you know why I love Haiti. Oh yes--I will see you later kids!

The ladies of the Creekside Church Women's Missionary Outreach (WMO) join together in a labor of love to sew dresses for needy children in the poor countries of the world. I believe they are made out of pillow cases. This year they sent this big suitcase full of dresses to Haiti. Here is Tom presenting this precious package to Craig at Many Hands for Haiti. They will be distributed to needy little girls in the area.

Right: More that just a pretty dress--This is truly a beautiful little girl.

The Deaf School at LeJune is one of our many mission opportunities. Left: Colette signing--with a group of eager to learn children who are "listening." Their sign language is similar to ours and Colette has a deaf son--so no problem. We did not do bible classes here this year because Colette and Ann are staying in Haiti another week. They will be there every day. I'm jealous!!!


Game time--I don't know which they liked better--The ground parachute or the big ball

Right: Creekside Church Haiti Mission Team-2018. It was a great week with very wonderful people!

Below: Going home--DC3  at Pignon Airport. Lonesome for my wife--but sad to leave.