ADDENDUM: I have a sad postscript for this story. John Pappajohn died Saturday, April 22, 2023, at his winter home in Florida. In addition to the sculpture park, the Pappajohns have made some other huge contributions--such as healthcare and education facilities throughout our state. Their generosity will have a positive impact on the quality and enjoyment of life for many Iowa families for years to come.




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My View for the Month: This sculpture, "Even Stones Have Eyes" was installed at the Pappajohn Sculpture Park this month. This 12 ft. high bronze beauty was contributed by John Pappajohn in memory of his wife Mary, who died in 2022.  It is the work of Pakistani American artist, Huma Bhabha. In case you can't figure it out by my photos, this sculpture depicts a female figure with a missing arm and a peg leg. I can't critique this because I don't understand it. Maybe the artist is reminding us of the results of war and unrest in her homeland and other war torn countries around the world. Whatever, it is a classy compliment to the other 31 works of art at the Papajohn Sculpture Park.

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