Now we move on from two parks--to two projects. I have taken you to both of these places before, but each of these locations is one of my favorite spots in the world. You know the rest of the drill--where I go--you go.


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May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face to shine on us, that your way be know on earth, your saving power among all nations.  (ESV)  (Psalm 67:1,2)

PROJECT ONE: I will use any excuse to take you with me to the Iowa State Capitol Building. A 10 million dollar remodeling of the main dome was completed in 2018. But ongoing maintenance will be required for years to come.. The other domes, gutters, windows, etc. of this 137 year old structure, needed repair. The scaffolding around the south dome is still in place. I don't think that distracts from the beauty of the building. This work project emphasizes our commitment to maintain this historic building. We want the Iowa State Capitol to be a symbol of freedom and justice to all Iowa (and the whole world) for future generations.


PROJECT TWO: Another one of my favorite spots. I see this historic church as I sit on my high table window seat at Smokey Row Coffee in the Sherman Hill District. This building has been through a lot. The original building, built in 1901, was severely damaged by lightning/fire in 1917. In the mid 60's this beautiful building was in danger of demolition, but survived. An international evangelistic organization bought the building in 2009 and restoration began. Restoration was completed this month (September, 2023) when this high in the sky gold leaf cross was affixed to the steeple. It is now the Highpoint Church in the Sherman Hill Neighborhood.