When new things come to the Greater Des Moines area, I like to be there. Well, today (September 14, 2021) a new state of the art Hy-Vee store opened its doors at 351 N. E. Gateway Drive, Grimes. Needless to say, I was there--and so was everyone else in Central Iowa. After two or three laps around the parking lot, we finally found a spot--it seemed like everyone was coming--no one going. After we finally wiggled our way through the entrance door, it was something to behold. Once inside the massive open beam ceilings and unfinished floors caught my eye. They didn't distract from the dignity--this warehouse look gave me a feeling of depth and contemporary beauty--that went on and on. There are so many new departments and creative concepts here I can't even begin to cover them all. So grab your grocery cart--and your phone--and take my arm. I will give you a peek preview.

My View for the Month: In my introductory paragraph, I said a new "Hy-Vee store" was coming to Grimes. You notice I didn't call it a "grocery store." Maybe I should call it a new "everything store" because it goes way beyond groceries and pharmacy. Some of the stores within the store include a W Nail Bar, DSW Shoes, a clothing department called Joe Fresh, an exersize equipment area and more. For example, there is ready prepared eat-in or take-out food served in a unique and appealing atmosphere. Then there is technology--lots of technology--including phone scannable QR codes to support coupons or other savings. Still there is more, but the digital sign above is what touched my heart. I am so thankful for Hy-Vee, other retailers, organizations, farmers and all people who share their resources to feed so many food deprived people around the world.     

If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then your light shall rise in the darkness and your gloom be as noonday. (ESV) (Isaiah 58: 10)                           

If the shoe fits----buy it!

I need my sweatshirt!

Way more than milk!

Thank an Iowa farmer!

I'd rather be fishing!

This is what I eat!

What is it?

No caption needed--The sign tells it all.

Right out of the oven!

Best with ice cream!

No treadmill today! I walked this whole store!

I should have bought a sweatshirt here before I went to the frozen isle!

New York style Deli--right here in Iowa!

Yes--you can "work from home" here!

This is what I did for 48 years!