Left to right: Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie, Joppa CEO Joe Stevens and Des Moines City Manager Scott Sanders, conducted a brief ceremony before a self-guided tour of the Homeless Resource Center.

My View for the Month: There are several good organizations that help the homeless in Central Iowa. But today, December 14, 2021, was a good news day for many of the homeless in the greater Des Moines area. The Joppa Homeless Resource Center officially opened with a special ribbon cutting ceremony. It is Joppa's goal to allow this beautiful new facility to offer a first step for homeless folks who want to rebuild their lives, but don't know where to begin. It is so easy for any of us to brush off homelessness by saying, "Most people are homeless out of choice." I realize some people choose that lifestyle, but I think most are down and out and without resources for "whatever" reason. "Whatever" that reason might be, I am thankful for missions like Joppa that step up to help these people with a second chance (3rd, 4th--who cares) to put their lives back together and regain the respect and dignity they deserve.

If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then your light shall rise in the darkness and your gloom be as noonday. (ESV) (Isaiah 58: 10)                           

The OPEN light above the door tells it all. The Joppa Homeless Resource Center is now open so come on in. Everyone is welcome! That means you, that means me--of course I will look around and leave and go back to my cozy home. But, it is an ongoing invitation to the homeless. That means those living in a tent, a vehicle or with a blanket under a bridge. No matter the circumstances, you are all loved!

Joppa is a vital component in serving the homeless in the Greater Des Moines area. But today was a special day! The new Homeless Resource Center was officially "opened for business". If you didn't make it to the grand opening--it's not too late--just scroll down and I will take you there!

READY--Big scissors arrived!

Set--Joe in action--snip!

GO! Officially open-Welcome!


2326 Euclid Ave., Des Moines, Iowa

Ribbon Cutting---Grand Opening.

December 14, 2021---10:30AM

Pick your pants!

Let  me think--red, blue or brown?

Better than a big-box store!

Maybe I'll fix breakfast!

I see macaroni on top shelf--mmm!

I néed a cold weather coat!

Basic needs in a basket!