FALL--2021!  Most people will agree that fall in Iowa is a beautiful season. However, this year the fall leaf color change required a little more patience and perseverance. Here it is mid-November and I probably hit the peak-week for "visiting the trees" in our area. The colors may not have been as intense or varied as usual, but it was still a magnificent display of the wonders of nature.

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever. (ESV) (Isaiah 40: 8)





Of course--my first stop was the Iowa State Capitol Grounds. I enjoyed the fall colors here and the view of beautiful downtown Des Moines.

Next stop--Waterworks Park.  Left: I have ridden my bicycle along the trail by these beautiful old maple trees many times. Today, I was in my truck and I took time to stroll through the leaves which are a beautiful gift of nature. Above right: Another story! Look past the naked tree and you will see many acres of multi-use recreation fields. This is where I used to go to see my long time friend fly his model airplanes. You can guess the rest of this story. My friend died of cancer this year at age 82. I am sure the airplanes will fly again next year, but my friend won't be there. (That doesn't mean I'll be alone--I'll take memories with me.)

My View for the Month: This is my favorite FALL--2021 photo. You guessed it--there is a story here. You all know the realtors old expression, "location-location-location"! Yes--location is the keyword here. This trio of trees is just around the corner from our home. I walk past here every day on my morning walk. It is pretty all year long, but it really makes me smile when the fall leaves turn to

'fifty shades" of orange and brown. I enjoy all of my adventures, but this scene is special because it is part of my daily routine. It reminds me that "same-ol'-same-ol'" fits my lifestyle. After all--"there is no place like home"!