I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be forever: nothing can be put to it, nor any thing taken from it: and God doeth it, that men should fear before him.  (KJV) (Ecclesiastes 3; 14)

The first page of my 200th edition of VFB, I shared with you a few happenings of the past 18 years. This page I am starting with the day I entered this world. I know--This sounds like it's an "all about me" story. But I think each of you will find at least one of these stories of the past you can identify with.


MyView for the Month: For the 200th edition of VFB, I decided to go way back to the day of my birth. I wanted to share with you a few of the ways I have been so blessed throughout these years. I saved the best for the last with these two photos from 2012. My wonderful family has loved and supported me, and each other, throughout these years. That is why I tell people I have had a STORYBOOK life!

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A little farm boy!

My first marathon and I didn't have a stopwatch.

No problem--I penned my anticipated times on this hankie and checked it every mile marker. I was a good runner--but not great, so I never quite reached my 3hr 15min marathon finishing time goal.

I was born September, 13, 1932, in this simple  farm home by the woods in the hill country of Western Iowa. I had 3 siblings so it was tight quarters. No amenities, but we did have love, food and discipline--in that order. Like many Iowa farmsteads, this house is long gone, but the good memories go on and on.

I graduated from Anthon High School in 1951 with this class of 24. This was small town life so our little class was more like a community. There was no such thing as a gang or organized outside influence. That was a good thing for me and I hope for each of my classmates.

Walter Vaughn (1924-1971) was an infantry soldier in the United  States Army during World War II.

He was my brother, my farming partner and my hero.

My discharge and my dog tags from my army days. I still have one lifelong army friend I still keep in touch with after all of these years.

My working years--30 years at Harder Pharmacy and 18 years at Dahl's.

Church, fire department and city council. I am going to let my coffee mugs do the talking about my 30 years in Windsor Heights.

I farmed in the 50's. Look--I still have my tractor and grain wagon.

I tell you a lot about Iowa. There is no better way to see our great state than riding the country roads on a bicycle. I rode Ragbrai 35 times which translates into thousands of miles, and who knows--maybe that many friends--old and new.

Poster hanging in my exercise room. Haiti has been a very important part of my life. My first mission trip to Pignon, Haiti was November, 2005. You have heard about the poverty, disease, and turmoil in Haiti. But, I will tell you about this beautiful country and wonderful people.


Two wonderful friends and co-workers, Dorothy and June, gave me this  pharmacist guy in 1991. It was a special going away gift after we had worked together for 30 years. They are both gone, but great memories live on.