Our day trip to Ft. Dodge was a special day because it brought back good thoughts from my past. The town had been an overnight host for Ragbrai just two days before we arrived. Of course, I don't go on Ragbrai anymore, but it brought reminders of my Ragbrai days and our Ft. Dodge "sleep-over" nights in 1987, 1995 and 2004. Now--here are some Ft. Dodge highlights from today, July 28, 2021.

He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. (NIV) (Micah 6:8)




Breaking news! Floyd of Rosedale returned to his boyhood home in Ft.Dodge, July 20, 2021! There is a story here! Football season is just around the corner. The winner of the always highly contested Iowa Hawkeye-Minnesota Gopher game will take home the Floyd of Rosedale Trophy. You may not know the original Floyd was a real hog raised on a real Iowa farm--the Rosedale farm close to where this sculptue is. A real live hog was presented to Minnesota in 1935 to settle a bet between the Iowa and Minnesota governors. The game went well and this story continues each year. What a good way to resolve an issue. There was only one live pig, but the friendly rivalry continues with the winner of the annual Iowa-Minnesota football game taking home the Floyd of Rosedale traveling trophy. This magnificent 14 foot tall Floyd of Rosedale sculpture created by Iowa artist, Dale Merril, will not be traveling. Floyd is very happy to be home at the Rosedale Farms in Ft. Dodge, Iowa.

For many years American children have been fascinated with Dr, Seuss. You can now see the characters from the Dr, Seuss book, The Lorax, come to life in the Kennedy Memorial Park in Ft.Dodge. Many ash trees in the park were in danger of destruction by the emerald ash borer. They would have to be destroyed! But if you have a lemon--make lemonade! Chain saw artist Gary Keenan breathed new life into some of the remaining tree stumps. Gary's skillful carving and sanding were finished off with a preservative color coat in hopes they will "live"for many generations to come. Now let's stroll together along the recently finished story area. I think you will be glad Dr. Seuss is in the park to be enjoyed by (us) kids--of all ages!

I hadn't been to Ft. Dodge for many years. It was a great day and I could have had more stories, but I decided to focus on "A HOG AND A LOG." We met a very nice couple, the Wilsons, who helped me put together the Floyd of Rosedale story. Meeting new friends is always a highlight of any excursion. Then I appreciate stories of conserving our resources, so turning an ash tree log into a kids story impressed me. Most of all--we both loved spending the day with Grace and Evan. That's what made it a perfect day!