There were two exhibits at the Reiman Gardens this year. The 2020  garden theme was "Wild and Whimsical." The LEGO exhibit exited July 05 and the human size frog art, created by sculpture artist, J.A. Cobb, wiil be displayed July 08-October 04. Both of these exhibits were outstanding, but today I went to see "Ribbit the Exhibit" with our daughter, Darcy Soule. That made it a perfect day.

He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. (NIV) (Micah 6:8)




Mahari the Meditating Frog (left) and Thessalon the Thinking Frog (middle) sit for hours pondering the puzzles of life. Not so with Hadley the Horticulturist (right)! He just picks up his watercan and gets to work.

In these times of social distancing most of the entertainment venues have been cancelled! But look what's going on at the Reiman Gardens! I want you to meet Sam, Len and Jules. Give it up for the Ribbitsville Ramblers.

Left: Willy the Welcome Frog invites us to Reiman Gardens. I hope you enjoy Ribbit the Exhibit.

Right: No pets are allowed at Reiman Gardens (except service animals)--but look--I see a dog in the park. Don't worry-- he won't bite. Duri the Dogwalker has him on a leash.

Left: I'm in my element here! For 35 consecutive years (1978-2012) I went on Ragbrai and rode my bicycle across Iowa. Beaumont the Bicycle Frog doesn't ride that far, but he does pack a picnic lunch for his daily tour of the Reiman Gardens. Right: The garden pond is usually blue and beautiful. This year the aerator isn't working and it's covered with an icky green scum. That doesn't seem to bother Baz the Blue Heron and Finley the Frog. They have taken up residence in the tall grass along the shore.

Left: Look who I found! Alex and Greer's American Gothic hiding in a cane field. Right: Before we leave--Darcy helps Casey the Cafe Frog serve a cup of afternoon tea. Just as we were making our exit, it began to rain. We need the moisture and frogs love water so that made it a a truly perfect day.

One finale sendoff by the Ribbitsville Ramblers. What a way to end the day!