"He makes grass grow for the cattle, and plants for man to cultivate--bringing forth food from the earth. (NIV) (Psalm 104: 14)



My View for the Month: When you think of SPRING IN IOWA you probably visualize green grass, flowers and crabapples in bloom. (left and right) These things are good--but there is more new life on the horizon. The photos above are all courtesy of Jake Anderson--a young farmer from Yale, Iowa. Jake wasn't raised by farmer parents, but he is fulfilling a boyhood dream to become an Iowa farmer. As you can see--he is getting a good start with his cow-calf herd. Soon, he (and all Iowa farmers) will be in the field and another year begins. When our Iowa farmers put that seed in the ground, they are not thinking about hail, wind, tornadoes, or all of the "what ifs" that may cross their path. They certainly aren't thinking about last year's derecho--they are already looking forward to this year's abundance. There's more--I see a bigger picture here. All iowa appreciates the Iowa (American) farmer and related agriculture occupations. Unlike my many friends in Haiti--very few of us go to bed at night with a hungry belly. We can, in part, thank the farmer for that. We are all thankful for Iowa farmers of all ages and we welcome people like Jake who are willing to step up to keep our great Iowa farm tradition going. Now---enjoy SPRING IN IOWA.


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