Highland Park-Oak Park is an old established neighborhood In Des Moines, Iowa. This new wall mural (above) painted by Amy Putney Koenig, is a beautiful and unique tribute to this northside Des Moines area.

"You shall not take vengenance or bear a grudge against the sons of your own people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord." (ESV) (Leviticus 19:18).               

Last year I did a blog on the Hiland Bakery. Today I had coffee and a sweet treat at the recently opened Slow Down Coffee Company next door.

Highland Park-Oak Park is a culturally diverse neighborhood where people from all walks of life are welcome and accepted.

My View for the Month: What a perfect day this was for me in so many ways (1) I enjoyed every segment of the Amy Putney Koenig wall mural. I didn't see Amy, but visiting with her husband (left) was an added bonus. (2) Having coffee at Slow Down (right) and (3) Strolling the streets of the Highland Park-Oak Park neighborhood. Yet--there is one more thing! Here is where this story all comes together.  A racial slur was painted on the east side of this historic building (above left) at 6th & Euclid. Drew Kelso, co-owner of the The Slow Down Coffee Company, came up with the perfect solution. He knew there was paint left over from The Highland Park-Oak Park Mural (above top) and he arranged to cover this offensive graffiti with the Hello Love Mural (above right). Wow--that will bring tears to your eyes--covering hate with LOVE. Yes--HELLO LOVE--YOU ARE AMAZING!

Racial bad stuff was here.


Now good stuff is here.