I'd better start out with my routine walk. The Urbandale town square is one mile from our home. I am sitting on a bench at the the southwest intersection corner near a bronze sculpture (left) and other memorabilia that pays tribute to Urbandale history. The beautiful fountain (right) occupies the southeast intersection corner. I am proud when I see the American, Iowa and Urbandale flags (above) blowing in the wind. Note the antique style light post, big clock and brick streets (lower right-bottom.) It isn't going to be easy, but I am going to "take a different direction" on my morning walks.

If we say we have fellowship with him while we walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth. But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin. ---If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (ESV) (1 John 1: 6-9)




Today I walked to 86th and Swanson Blvd. in Clive. There is a lot of history here, but I won't even go there. This is a morning walk--not a history lesson.  


"SEPTEMBER WALK"--sounds like the title to a fiction novel, doesn't it? Maybe William Faulkner? But no--this is me--and I don't do make believe. So these are true (or mostly true) stories of my close to home adventures from this month--September, 2020. I usually feature a bike trail report on one of my fall VFB pages, but I didn't ride my bike much this season. So I am going to take you with me on a few of my daily September walks. I am a simple guy with a simple life and most of the time, I walk the same route day after day. This month, I decided to shake things up and go a different way every day. I don't run any more and I don't walk fast, so I took time to look around and enjoy some of the things I have passed by many times. It's not complicated--I didn't have any plans or app maps. Each day, I just decided which way I would go when I stepped out of our front door.

Left: Another beautiful September day! I walked south down Colby Woods Parkway and picked up the northbound trail at Hickman. I couldn't resist exiting the trail and taking a break on the gazebo at Creekside Church. You've all seen gazebos, but this one is special to me. It was built in memory of our long time friends, John and Ellen Taylor. And the memories keep piling up--this is where we used to have bible classes for the older-age refuge kids at Camp Vera. Middle and right: Another day--it is Friday morning already. I walked west down Douglas to Walker Johnston Park. I always smile when I watch the young people skateboard. That is a sport I have never tried--so I probably won't take it up now!

This morning I walked west past the Urbandale Public Library to Charles Gabus Memorial Park and Gardens. There is a lot to enjoy here. See the picnic tables behind the big-pebble fountain. That is where we had our social distancing family picnics this summer. Right--the public library is closed, but maybe you can find a "best seller" at the Little Free Library. I read my books on my iPad, so I opted out.

That metal bench looks hard! Why don't they move over to a comfy chair?


Today I walked south to check out a park I hadn't seen in years. It is a real maize getting there and I took many trails and connections between homes. I reached my destination, but didn't stay long. Looked the same as when I had ridden my bike there years ago. Now, here's the catch! I took a wrong turn coming home and was hopelessly lost--right in my neighborhood. I must have done something right, because I finally found my way home.  I forgot I had a phone compass but I'm glad I had my cane!!!!!

I walked north today to Lakeview Park. How should I get there? I just followed the sidewak all the way from our house to Aurora, where I hooked up with the park trail. I walked around Lakeview Pond a couple of times and took my break on the lookout deck. Next time, I may just bring my lunch so I could stay here all day.

Who moved my cheese? I am a person of routine and I pretty much do the same thing every day. Usually, I start my morning walk at 8 am and head east, but today it is 1pm and I'm walking north to Friedrichs for coffee and cranberrry bread. I picked the patio table looking out at our favorite produce stand where we buy our fresh tomatoes and Iowa sweet corn. Now I am headed home. I didn't bring my backpack--so no sweet corn tonight!

Today I walked down 86th St. south of McDonalds and caught the trail northwest. Here is a sample of the things I saw today--all less than one mile from our home.

My View for the Month: I am a great proponet of lifetime sports and exercise activities. I have walked, run and biked for 50 plus years. But breaks and resting are things I'm not good at. So each day this month, I decided to take a "SEPTEMBER WALK" and look for a different route each day. I can do this--I will enjoy some close-by-home things I have seen or just passed by many times. I have shared a small sample of my adventures, but there are many more. Now, it will soon be the end of the month--September will be over. October begins and I will continue my daily walks. Each day you will probably see me back on Douglas Avenue walking to Urbandale town square. I'm a slow learner!!!!!