The Many Hands for Haiti (MH4H) Thrift Store is located at 2900 SE Grimes Blvd., Grimes, Iowa. I recommend a visit. I think it just may have everything you need or want.



The King will reply, "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me." (NIV) (Matthew 25:40)


Left: You know you are going to like this place before you even step in the door. The Iowa corn and sunflowers are ready for harvest. Right: Now step inside and you know you are going to love this place when you meet store manager, Jeff Thomas and his great and helpful staff. Also, thanks to the many volunteers who donate so much of their time and energy out of love  for the dear people of Haiti.

Just a sample of what is inside this store. I included a lot of things in these pictures because they pack a lot in the showroom. But I don't want to spoil your fun--you have to see it to believe it. Bottom middle--Even a "Christmas Room"--and it's open year around.

This is why I went to MH4H thrift store today. It was a rainy day and I started looking through boxes in our storage room. I found a lot of very good things--much of it never used and probably never out of the box. Who knows--some of it may have been wedding presents, but that was 57 years ago. We decided it was time to take it to MH4H where it would be sold to someone who would use it and the money would go to help the very needy people of Haiti.

Now here was the tough decision--parting with my Trek mountain bike. There is an old joke in the bicycle world-- Question: "How many bikes do you really NEED?" Answer: "One more than you already have." I don't do stump jumping anymore so this bike was just a decoration in my exercise room. I called it my "look at bike!" I hope my off-road trail bike finds a new home for someone who will really use it and the money will put food in some hungry bellies in Haiti!

My View for the Month: NEEDS and WANTS---I have discovered I do not have many needs anymore and I actually do not have many things I really want. However, I am going to put a little different spin on that so I can come up with a story for the month. I NEED to get rid of some things packed away that we do not use and will never use. Then, as many of you know, I WANT to see my friends in Haiti have all they ever ask for--which would be the very basic necessities for survival. That is why I encourage you to support the MH4H Thrift Store. Whether you are purchasing items for your own use or donating good items you no longer need, it is a great place to meet your NEEDS and WANTS.