I will send you rain in its season, and the ground will yield its crops and trees of the field their fruit.. (NIV) (Leviticus 26:4)


On January 06, 2020, as I was exiting the Des Moines Home and Garden Show, these two sculptures on display in the lower lobby caught my eye. The display host told me these two sculptures were commissioned by a California artist. In my opinion, probably not significant works of art--but they do tell a story. This display is sponsored by an organization called, "The Rain Campaign." I like to talk about farm water and soil conservation, but this is geared toward urban and city water waste and runoff. That is why there are holes in the umbrella and raincoat. The rain gear represent a city lawn that cannot absorb all of the water runoff. The excess water slips through the "holes" to find its way into city pipes and the excess water contributes to municipal flooding. In summary, The Rain Campaign focuses on the Metropolitan Des Moines area to help provide solutions to minimize water runoff and improve water quality. I like to boast about Iowa farmers involvement in soil and water conservation measures. I think we, in the metropolitan areas, are doing a really good job with our recycling efforts. Now I am glad all Iowans are contributing to reducing water runoff that will result in better water quality with less flooding.