So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. (NIV) (Isaiah 41: 10)

MADNESSLESS--My homemade word means "no madness." We watch college basketball all winter and the season concludes each spring with a series of games and tournaments that entertain many Iowans and occupies the airways as the season winds down. It is called March Madness and is fun and exciting as we watch the best of the best display their athletic talents. But this year the season came to an abrupt halt as all Americans hunkered down in their homes to work through another type of madness--the Coronavirus Pandemic.



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LUKA GARZA--Iowa Hawkeyes. A no brainer for me! This big man was a star amomg stars! Every game Luka came to play and who knows what he would have done if the season had not come to an abrupt halt at tournament time. Nevertheless, he ended the season with a trophy case full of awards. I want Luka back next year, but like all great players--I want what's best for him.

I0WA COLLEGE ATHLETES: Comments--and my players of the year.


I had started this page a few weeks ago and I almost trashed it when the basketball season came to an end. But, the season was far enough along and I already had settled in on my college basketball players of the year. One more thing--I probably should have named this "Madness Plus" because I decided to also highlight some Iowa athletes from other sports.


TYRESE HALIBURTON--Iowa State Cyclones. There is always a bonus when a student athlete is also a good kid--that's Tyrese. Actually, this sophomore's season had ended due to injuries before the season was brought to a halt. Tyrese has declared to the draft and will not be back at Iowa State. But remember this name-you will see him again--in an NBA uniform.


TRISTAN WIRFS--Iowa Hawkeyes. Iowa offensive lineman was a multi-sport athlete growing up in Mt. Vernon. Tristan is a big kid with a big heart. I read an article last week that a media person suggested he develop a mean streak (get tougher.) He replied that was not the way he was raised and he really isn't a mean person. You don't need a mean streak, Tristan. You are going to go far just the way you are!

Brock Purdy--Iowa State Cyclones. This 6.1 quarterback for Iowa State has more than a good arm--he also has a good head. In 2019 Brock was  named First Team Academic All Big-12. Remember, with Brock--as well as the others--I pick good kids--not just super stars.


SPENCER LEE--Iowa Hawkeyes. This 125 pound "giant" from Pennsylvania is the "big man on campus" at Iowa University. I think these 125 pounds must be all muscle and brawn. Before the season came to an abrupt halt, Spencer went 18-0 with 17 bonus-point wins. This young man was named "Big Ten Wrestler of the Year" among other awards. He was also right on target to contend for the 2020 U.S. Olympics team. Remember this name--Spencer Lee--he will be back next year.

My 2020 Iowa sports story comes to an abrupt halt--but life goes on. See you next year.


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