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Let's take a little road trip to Southern Iowa.

Views of a Farm Boy--Dedicated to promote Iowa agriculture and Iowa values--Robert Vaughn--Urbandale, Iowa  EMAIL:


I told you we were going to GO SOUTH! Look at the desert cactus by the sign on Steel & Wheel in Lineville, Iowa.

What's better than a picnic in the park? It could be lunch at the gazebo in the middle of the main street in Milo.

Days of the 5 cent "hamberger" at Madge's Cafe in Allerton are gone. But the local history lives on.

A southern Iowa treasure, located a few miles from Corydon, is the International Center for Rural Culture and Art.

Left to right: Williams School-built in 1869, Round Barn (1912) and New York Church (1853).

Left: The Skean's Block located on the square in Albia, Iowa.The Albia square and commercial district were placed on the National Registry of Historic Places in 1985.

Right: The Welcome Home Monument is located just west of Albia on Highway 34.

I have discovered that each regional area of Iowa has its own personality and history. Today, I have shared with you just a few things to do and see if you GO SOUTH.

Left: an original wall mural at Allerton painted during the first meeting of the Walldogs group in 1993.

Right: A building in Lineville, almost on the Iowa-Missouri border.