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Leap Day--February 29, 2024! This might be a good way to spend an extended day in Iowa--by dancing the night away. This evening is the grand re-opening of the newly remodeled Val Air Ballroom, located at 301 Ashworth in West Des Moines. There is a lot of history here. The Val Air first opened 85 years ago (1939.). It was a key entertainment venue for the greater Des Moines area for many years. Times change and movie theaters, bowling allies and later television and other activities became preferred passtimes. Things were looking dismal for this 8.5 acre site until the Val Air was put on the National Register for Historic Places in 2022. This brought in a new stream of perks and financial funds. Soon a 15 million dollar remodel project was underway. The mint green interior walls and pink Formica counter tops in the concession area were throwbacks of earlier days. As you can see, it was quiet when I was there today. But, I'm sure the dance floor will be full tonight as many people come to experience a new adventure, or to re-enact the sentimental times of days gone by. Oh--I won't be there--I never was much of a dancer and my wife wouldn't want to jitter with a 91 year old guy with a cane!

A time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance. (KJV) (Ecclesiastes 3: 4)