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CAITLIN--you don't even need to say her last name. That single word metaphors into an expression of love and admiration. That is true not just here in Iowa where Caitlin Clark grew up--but for the whole nation. This has been a special month for ALL IOWA! Wait, it goes beyond our state borders. I think almost everyone in the United

States knows and loves Caitlin Clark. Caitlin's unbelievable  basketball talents have generated sold out arenas for both home and away games as sports fans gather to witness her great athletic talent. You watch the news and read the newspaper so I am not going to even attempt to list the awards, records and achievements she has accomplished this season. But I am going to zero in on one day, February 15, 2024. That is the day Caitlin shot the  unbelievable 3 pointer that made an all time scoring record for NCAA basketball. Who knows what the future holds (for any of us) but I wanted to use this special occasion to honor our home town hero. Go CAITLIN!


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ADDENDUM: My View for the Month: It seems to me sports stories sometimes travel at the speed of light. But since I wrote the above blog, I think the Caitlin story has gone a little beyond 186,000 mi./second. On February 27th Caitlin Clark exceeded Lynette Woodwards AIAW total points to set a new large school scoring record. Then the very next day she announced she would enter the 2024 WNBA draft. Today  (March 03), there is more breaking news. Not to anyones surprise, Caitlin made history again! Just as the first half was winding down, Caitlin buried a freethrow to exceed the late great "Pistol" Pete Maravich's long standing men's and women's all time major college scoring record. I am thankful that God gave Caitlin this special ability that has put Iowa on the sports world map. I am also thankful that so many Iowans, regardless of their sports loyalties, have come together to show love and support for her unique talents. Go CAITLIN!