Tom and Connie Keller built this beautiful new home in Haiti in memory of Connie's parents. What a blessing for this family. It is located on the road leading to the MH4H Campus in Sylvain. We call this the "model home" because many missionary teams will come by this home enroute to MH4H. We hope it will encourage others to receive the blessings Tom and Connie have received by building a new home in Haiti for the poorest of the poor. All new homes we build in Haiti have a bible verse painted on the front--but look--this home has two verses. Psalm 121: 1,2 was  a favorite of Connie's parents and John 4:24 was picked by the family who lives there.



The King will reply, "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me." (NIV) (Matthew 25: 40)

Home for Haiti Hallelujah (HHH) is the unofficial name for our home building project in the Central Plateau of Haiti. This project took root several years ago when our family built a home in memory of my sister Dorothy. Actually, this home was built with Dorothy's own money left in her estate when she died in 2010 at age 92. Dorothy lived a meager lifestyle and was always a champion of the poor and underprivileged. I knew a  home in Haiti would be a real tribute to her. I decided this could be my niche, too. As a farmer, I also have a passion to feed the hungry, so we try to provide seed and plants for a garden in every yard.  All new HHH homes will be built under the supervision of Many Hands for Haiti (MH4H). We carefully and lovingly select what we consider the most needy families living in the most deplorable conditions. All construction is done using Haitian labor. The total cost of home construction usually falls in the $4000 to $4500 range. Each of these homes is well constructed and should serve each family and extended family for many generations. When space is available, we hope to supply seed for a garden and plant an avocado and orange tree in every yard. I invite you to share in this exciting adventure. If you would like to build a home as a memorial to a loved one, a church or civic project, or perhaps just build one yourself--please contact me for more details. I know you will feel blessed--as I do.      (Phone: 515-577-8879 or email:



This home was built by our Creekside Missions Team--2015. The home is beautiful and they have a nice garden in the back yard. (left) When you have an insect-free room and a real mattress--you sleep like a baby. (right)

These people love their new home. No more sleeping in the mud and they don't have far to go to the "bathroom." (right) We can't do a latrine for everyone, but we had money left after this  home was constructed.

This home has painted interior walls to improve the light. (left) It, like the others, has a nice kitchen in the back yard. (middle)