then to now-2017

We recognize anniversaries--the good and the sad. Let's turn back the clock 100 years. This is not the type of anniversary that warms your heart, but war is a fact of life. It was exactly one century ago when the United States entered World War One. The mule drawn ammunition cart (above left) was the mainstay of the machine company. The Standard B Liberty Truck (upper right) is sporty looking with wooden spoke wheels. Then later production models added toughness with steel wheels--see how technology changes!!! This is part of the new World War 1 exhibit at the Gold Star Museum at Camp Dodge in Johnston, Iowa.

A plaque at the Gold Star Museum recognizes a "Century of Serving." Camp Dodge has had a key role in keeping America safe for 100 years. My dad was part of The Camp Dodge scene. He was discharged from this base after serving as an infantry soldier in France during World War 1.


We have a street in Des Moines and an indoor shopping mall named in honor of a true Iowa hero. Pvt. Merle Hay was the first Iowa soldier to die in action during World War 1. Yes-you've got it--another sad but historic anniversary. It was 100 years ago.


The old and the new--not an anniversary this time but breaking news in Urbandale. Palmers's Deli first opened in Urbandale in 1988 (above). The restaurant business is fickel and I have seen many places come and go since that time. I ate lunch there Friday, November 17, 2017. That was the last day of business at the 7509 Douglas location. But the story doesn't end there--November 28, 2017 they reopened in a new location just a few blocks away in the Urban Shopping Center (below). We were among the very first customers to arrive for lunch and we were pleased with the updated look, more space and almost unlimited parking. I'm also happy to report some things didn't change--the same good food and the same great people, including Tammy, Paula, Louis and others. What more can you ask? Some things never need to change!

I remember the days of old; I meditate on all that you have done; I ponder the works of your hands. (ESV) (Psalm 143:5)

Enough of all that serious stuff--here is a HAPPY occasion from the olden days (excuse me Dear, but that's just the way it is!) Let's turn back the clock to 1957. It was 60 years ago my wife, Jeannine won the Chariton Ladies Golf Tournament. Of course, I promote lifetime participating sports and I am happy to report--she is still playing golf today.  

More milestones in our life. On August 05, 2017, Jeannine and I had our 55th wedding anniversary. Then September 13, 2017, I had my 85th birthday.  I look back on these years with tons of good memories--but I wonder--"Where has the time gone?"

old to new--1988-2017