Tractor Auction---June 30, 2018---Boone, Iowa. Eric & Carol Ziel decided it was tlime to part with their collection of more than 120 rare and antique tractors. They were sold on auction today and --of course--I was there.



I consider days of old, the years of long ago.   (ESV) (Psalm 77:5)


I've got three--who'll gimmie  4 -- who'll gimmie 4 -- who'll gimmie four--SOLD to that gentleman in the bib overalls for a three-hundred dollar bill!

I think there is a reason I keep telling you about farm auctions. When I was  little farm boy in western Iowa my career was already planned. When I grew up I wanted to be (A) a cowboy (B) an auctioneer (C) there was no plan C. Then when I turned 10 years old my plans changed. I fell in love with tractors and wanted to be a farmer. Yes--a farmer--with a tractor. Now that one happened. After high school and army I farmed for several  years and I did have a tractor. There is a lot more to the story--but here is the point. Today I turned back the clock to my youth days when I could see a farm auctioneer selling just one thing--tractors. This was a beautiful collection of rare and/or antique tractors. I looked at every one of them and sometimes the sounds were better that the sights. Most of these tractors were in running condition and today I heard a lot of sounds and saw a lot of sights that brought back good memories of the past.

Now--I got three--Who'll gimmie four? ------SOLD!