Occasionally we have a "duct tape night" at church for our Wednesday AWANA theme. The kids are creative and love it. A couple of examples--some have tape over the mouth, some have made it into a belt or bracelet and it is a fun time for all. But kids do not have a corner on this market--adults can do this tape thing, too. Three individual artists and one artist collective have created some very unique site-specific packing tape art now showing at the Des Moines Art Center. This is an international display with the artists coming from various parts of the country and world. The artists have titled their works "Drawing in Space."  I really enjoyed this exhibit and I think you will too- but don't wait--the artists will pack up their tape and go home January 21, 2018.  

Today I made a destination trip to the Des Moines Art Center to see the temporary exhibit, "Drawing in Space." I always leave my phone (camera) in my pocket when I visit an art museum--but times have changed. The only camera restriction is "no flash." I took a few pictures of some of my favorite art while I was there. The real purpose of this blog is to promote the tape art exhibit currently on display. I am also using this opportunity to  show off a few pieces of the class act art collection at the Des Moines Art Center.

He has filled them with skill to do every sort of work done by an engraver or by a designer or an embroiderer in blue and purple and scarlet yarns and in fine linen, or by a weaver--by any sort of workman or skilled designer. (ESV) (Exodus 35:35)

Artists Christopher Katzler, Sven Jonke and Nikola Radelkovic designed this gigantic spider web-like structure using transparent tape. It is beautiful and "user friendly." I was there last week but returned Sunday with Jeannine and our granddaughter. Taylor challenged me to a tunnel race--so what could I do? There were a couple of twists and turns that were a little tough for an old guy--but look--I made it out!!!

This week I walked into the Des Moines Art Center and I was greeted by this bright colored vinyl sign tape on the door frame and on the hardwood floor. (left) New York tape artist Dave Eppley gets credit for this. I thought--"What's going on here?--this is supposed to be a drawing in space exhibit." Then just follow the path till you come to the tape art deco. (above) It almost puts you in orbit before you even step inside to see the other works of tape art suspended in space.

Artist Heeseop Yoon created "Still-life Chandelier" using black masking tape. There is a lot to see in this big and complicated wall drawing. You can view this drawing from all three balcony levels. You can pick up a lot of object lessons here, as she created this great piece of tape art from pictures of junk, sports stuff and much more from places she visited in her world travels.  

Tape artist Monika Grazmala. I think the light through the adjacent window gives it such a three dimensional effect. I thought this piece in the corner was such a good prelude to her other works below.

This is also Monika Grzymala's creative art tape drawing. This is a one person job. She works alone and it is not pre-planned. Monika just sets up shop--gets out her black, transparent and silver reflective tape--and away she goes.