How many are your works, O Lord! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures. (NIV) (Psalm 104:24)


Downstairs of the Jester Park Nature Center is loaded with interpretive exhibits. Through the displays and computers children can explore areas of forest, wetland and prairie. But kids can't have all the fun. See all the wildlife roaming around (upper left.) I picked some of my favorites when I was a boy on the farm and had them gather in or around this old oak tree (lower left). Upper and lower right: More interactive displays.



I like breaking news that has a positive impact on our great state of Iowa. That is why I was so excited to learn the 10 million dollar Jester Park Nature Center was opening this month (August, 2018.) Left: Front entrance with friendly accessible ramps from the parking lot. Right: A view of this beautiful building from the back with the focus on this huge atrium with many natural light windows that overlook Jester Park. This new building and surrounding area is beautiful already, but it will be truly magnificent when the landscaping is completed. When I come back next year, I am expecting to see trees, prairie and other natural grasses and maybe even some wildflowers.

Step out the back door and a new nature trail leads you to a huge maze of existing trails that make Jester Park such a beautiful and exciting place.

Famous author, Bill Bryson, was an Iowa boy--born right here in Des Moines in 1951. Bill wrote some best selling books including, "A Walk in the Woods," regaling his adventures as he walked the Appalachian Trail. A very good read but when the "rubber hits the road" or maybe I should say "when my feet hit the ground," I'd rather walk one of our great trails right here in Iowa. That is just what I did today at our beautiful Jester Park by Saylorville Lake in Polk County, Iowa.

One more thing--I keep telling you I like to share new things and new adventures with you. So how could I resist--the pic at the left is my first ever selfie. It wasn't easy--I had to "scooch" way down on my knees to get my food in the picture. Nevertheless--here I am enjoying lunch in the park after my walk in the woods. This does it-no more selfies of me.